Lead Actor for Short Film

Posted: 18/01/2018 , by David Singeorzan

Deadline: 09/03/2018

Role Information

Gender: Male

Fees: 0

Location: Griffith College Dublin

Details of Role

I am producing a short film titled ‘For The Long Run’ and will be holding casting calls in search of the lead actor and the supporting actress. More information on the requirements of the actor and actress can be found further down below.

Short Film Description:

Length: 10-20 minutes

Genre: Drama-Comedy

Setting: Dublin

Casting Call Dates: Saturday, the 3rd of February and Saturday, the 10th of February. Exact times to be confirmed.

Shoot Dates: During a weekend in March. Exact dates to be confirmed.

One Line Synopsis: A young and panicked man named Chase explains why he begins to spontaneously run by recounting the story of a party he once attended and the series of bizarre events that occurred on that day.

Synopsis: The film opens with Chase dashing out of a maternity hospital in panic. He spontaneously begins to run away and a result, through many scenic and picturesque locations around Dublin. Through narration/voiceover while he runs, he recounts the story of a Halloween party where a series of bizarre events occurred throughout the day which includes meeting a mysterious girl he falls for, has a one night stand with and never sees again. He eventually faces his fears and runs back to the maternity hospital where he reveals that the mysterious girl contacted him on the current day for the first time since they last saw each other to tell him that she’s pregnant with his child.

Requirements of the Actor and Actress:

The acting requirements of this short film are very minimal.

Requirements of the main character, Chase: Influenced by the Forrest Gump and Rocky running scenes, the majority of the films visuals will be of Chase running away from a maternity hospital and through many scenic and picturesque locations around Dublin. Therefore, the main requirement of the lead actor will be a large amount of running for the running scenes around Dublin, transport to these different locations on shoot days will be covered.

Excluding this, there will be three short flashback scenes to the day of the party. Each flashback will be no longer than two minutes and the flashbacks will be of Chase and the mysterious girl talking at the party. Lastly, the lead actor will be required to read the full script of the film which contains full details of what happened on the day of the party. This voiceover will be recorded at the Griffith College Dublin and used over the visuals of the running scenes in the film.

Chase - Character Description: Early 20’s, a timid and unpopular college student who lives a boring lifestyle and is eager to begin living life more on the edge.

If interested, or you would like more information, please contact David Singeorzan at 0838810549 or david.singeorzan@yahoo.com.

Please send a headshot / photo, a CV if possible (without acting), full contact details and confirmation of full availability on shoot days.

Any response is appreciated and will be replied to as soon as possible.

Kind Regards,

David Singeorzan

How to apply

Company: GCD

Web-site: GCD.ie

Enquiries should be referred to: David Singeorzan

Phone: 0838810549

Email: d.sinjo3@gmail.com