Actors Needed: 1 Male and 3 Females

Posted: 06/03/2018 , by Rachel Rafter

Deadline: 20/03/2018

Role Information

Fees: N/A

Location: Maynooth

Details of Role

We are currently final year Media students at Maynooth University. As part of our Final Year Projects, we must create a short film, from start to finish in small groups.
We are currently on the look out for actors to act in our film. We hope to film in one ten - hour period in Maynooth town between the 3rd and 13th of April - whichever date would suit our actors better.

There are four characters we need actors for (actors must be over 18):
Claire Holmes - Main character
Ellie O' Brien - Claire's Best Friend
Sandra Coogan - therapist
Dr. Murphy (male) - Doctor

Logline: Claire Holmes, a victim of life’s hapless events, on her road to self - recovery.

Claire Holmes is sitting across the table from her doctor (Dr. Murphy) and therapist (Sandra Coogan). Claire is making her case for getting out of the psychiatric institution by telling her story and why she feels she is ready to enter main stream society once again. Claire’s family were killed in a road traffic accident with her sitting in the back seat – the only survivor. Several suicide attempts left Claire being admitted to the ward. Claire’s therapist and Doctor are both satisfied with her case and agree to her release.

Claire returns to the house she grew up in. Picking up old photographs and smiling at the thoughts of the life she once lived before rubbing her hands over her scars and being struck back to reality. Claire is disturbed by a knock on the door. Startled by the knock Claire walks to the door with caution. Stood before her is her childhood friend, Ellie from across the road. Ellie and Claire remained in contact over the years through letter writing.

The pair go into the sitting room and catch up on everything that has emerged over the past ten years – including the emergence of social media. Ellie convinces Claire to set up a Facebook account explaining that everyone is online now, and this will help her reunite with all their old school friends.

Claire is the kitchen alone drinking tea whilst scrolling through her Facebook news feed. Claire stumbles upon a Facebook hate group about her. “The nutcase is out” reads one of the status’. Immediately over rushed with fear and sorrow Claire rings her therapist telling her she cannot cope. Sandra agrees to meet Claire in her office. In the meeting Claire begs her therapist to readmit her to the ward. Sandra calms Claire down and explains to her that she is ready, she must just take it one day at a time.

Claire returns home depleted and reaches for an old bottle of whiskey she see’s in the back of her cupboard. Sitting on the table is the laptop, exactly where she left it. Contemplating turning it on, Claire knocks back her drink and pours herself another. Hovering over the deactivate button on Facebook, Claire slams down the computer screen.

Claire puts on her boots, throws on a jacket, grabs the bottle and leaves the house. Claire walks across the road to Ellie’s house. Ellie opens the door and Claire tells her that she’s ready to start living again. Ellie shrieks with excitement and lets Claire in, closing the door behind her.

If anyone would be interested, or seeks further information they can contact me via email at

How to apply

Company: Maynooth University

Enquiries should be referred to: Rachel Rafter