Male Actors needed for student short film

Posted: 01/04/2018 , by Eric Harford

Deadline: 06/04/2018

Role Information

Gender: Male

Fees: Unpaid

Location: Blanchardstown

Details of Role

We are Snowcap Productions, as part of our Creative Digital Media course, we are creating a short filmed called 'The Stranger Dance', estimated to be 10-15 minutes in length. The film involves three characters, stuck in an abandoned house as they shelter from a merciless storm. Through the film, their ideologies begin to conflict and tension increases.

We have the use of a full house as our location for shooting with unlimited access, based in Blanchardstown.

We are looking at casting one of our lead characters who is a likable figure, though somewhat brash and irresponsible. Often choosing to act with his heart than his head.

Due to time constraints we're looking at filming as early as wednesday 4th april for three straight days and then possibly the next week depending on progress. We cannot imagine shooting going over 5 days max.

How to apply

Company: Snowcap

Enquiries should be referred to: Eric Harford

Phone: +353867315550