Comedy Web Series Actors

Posted: 04/06/2018 , by Eleanor Bell

Deadline: 12/06/2018

Role Information

Roles: Actor

Ages: Adults

Fees: Low pay. Will be discussed at auditions.

Location: City Centre, Co.Dublin

Details of Role

GUS: Thirties (Main Character)
Bitcoin extraordinaire come conspiracy theorist. Gus is a 40 year old self-proclaimed successful script doctor - who lives at home with his crazy bitch of a mother. Gus typically spends the majority of the class interrupting the lectures, ranting about leftist ideologues and films about ‘people coming to terms with things’. Gus perpetually boasts about his super genius high IQ and his preternatural genetic capabilities. Gus has no filter and has a penchant for saying inappropriate comments much to the displeasure of Mars the leftist P.C ideologue in the class.

SHAUN: Forties (Main Character)
The quintessential mature student, who throws a stab in the dark at every question posed by the lecturer. Shaun is seldom right but is always sure, constantly undermining his other classmates and never missing an opportunity to mention his plethora of experience in the industry. Shaun has made a feature film and never ceases to find an opportunity to talk about it.

BOUNCY: Early twenties
A young idealist student filmmaker who has great ambitions and expectations of himself. He simultaneously has great belief in his abilities and is bitterly insecure of his compatriots who share his dreams. Bouncy views himself as an outsider, different, unique, born and bred for greatness – his greatest fear is being just like everybody else, another walking talking chimp floating on the side of a rock.

ANTNY: Thirties
An independent Cork filmmaker aged 30 odd. Antny constantly complains about the anti-Cork bias and red tape within the Irish film industry. Antny is a vulnerable character who gravitated towards film as film and video games were the source of great comfort and enjoyment in his childhood.

GABE: Late Twenties
Gabe is a chancer from Kerry who plays the cute divil but is really a superficial, limited artist with an indomitable ego. He speaks with a lyrical Kerry accent and prides himself on being a poet - wearing rings but really this façade has little to do with poetry and everything to do with scoring girls. He is a total pseudo intellectual with superior confidence to his other classmates but plays the loveable rogue.

MORRIS: Thirties
Morris is a political filmmaker whose personal politics are so far left there almost right. Morris is thirties years of age and is incredibly insecure about not having made it yet. He constantly fly’s off the handle with fellow classmates. Morris does not box clever he just boxes. He speaks with a thick Dublin accent and constantly bitches about fellow classmates in the smoking area whilst grinning through his teeth to their faces. Morris is also social media obsessed, constantly informing the world of latest meetings and deals he’s got in the pipe line. Morris also wears a suit to class every week and wears shades even when it’s not sunny.

MARS: Twenties
Mars is a leftist P.C ideologue. She constantly corrects Gus for his sexist comments. Mars hasn’t great personable skills and is easily takes offence. Mars likes to be the boss of the class and self-appoints herself as the class representative. She is seen donning the repeal jumper throughout every episode.

GRACE: Twenties
Grace is a nervously friendly young girl who can’t stop talking when she starts out of anxiousness. Grace is originally from Cork and is a real home bird constantly talking about it. At the start of the web series Grace is an individual with not much attention for politics but as the series progresses she becomes more cynical and politically and socially in tune with Mar’s doctrine system of beliefs. Gus takes a shine to Grace’s sweet nature and constantly tries to woo her affection

BRIAN: Fifties
The managing director of St Judes film school. Brian is a softly spoken man that looks like he got the job by a complete accident. Brian is a mysterious and furtive character, never saying much and never being able to answer a direct question about what is happening with regards to events unfolding on the course.

NICO: Forties
Nico is an American pseudo intellectual lecturer. He has a very formulaic and rigid views on what is necessary for the structure of every screen play. Fundamentally Nico is a pretentious arse wipe who loves himself. He makes films to satisfy his own ego.

How to apply

Enquiries should be referred to: Eleanor Bell