Casting for digital ad - Photos of Educational Milestones

Posted: 24/04/2019 , by alexandra

Deadline: 05/05/2019

Role Information

Gender: Female

Fees: License fee available, further information available on request.

Location: n/a

Details of Role

We are casting for photos of people, as opposed to the people themselves. The cast will not appear in person in the ad, just their photos.

Actual age: 20 - 30
Nationality: Irish
We are looking for someone who has good photos of themselves (with or without their parent/parents) in each of the 4 stages of educational life as outlined below.

Children’s Education.

We focus on a girl’s education throughout her life by seeing a series of photos on a fridge door from four different stages e.g:
1. First nervous day at school, clinging on to Daddy’s hand
2. Teenager brandishing sports medal or cup
3. Relieved and delighted eighteen year old showing off her Leaving Certificate
4. Qualified student in gown beaming on graduation day
In these shots the girl may be accompanied by her parents or with a parent sharing the moment.
Over a fifteen year period, the happiness of the daughter (and pride of the parents) will be clear and very relatable.

How to apply:

Email by 30th April with:
- details of the photos you have
- digital copies of the photos themselves
- photos taken on your phone of the older photos (for them to be scanned properly at a later date)
- Please note everyone who appears in the photograph will need to sign a consent form, and if they are under 18 currently, it will need to be signed by parents/guardians.

How to apply

Company: indie pics


Enquiries should be referred to: alexandra